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5 workshops and DIY workshops in Brussels to awaken your creative spirit

5 creative workshops in Brussels

Increasingly popular, particularly since the start of the pandemic, manual and creative activities in the form of workshops have enjoyed great success. And we understand why ! Practicing a manual activity allows us to slow down the pace of our thoughts, to focus on the present moment and can also be very rewarding. Want to get started? Here are 5 Brussels workshops that we highly recommend if you want to have an experience similar to our I make my ring workshops.

Watercolor workshop Madebykhani Brussels

  • Watercolor workshops by Made by Khani

  • Passionate about watercolors, Khani has a very soft and floral universe. Always a new idea in mind, she creates personalized illustrations to order but also offers workshops that she describes as “ a great escape in a world where everything goes at 200 miles an hour ”. And we couldn't say it better! These are public or private and can take place in different places in Brussels, in his workshop or at your home. Khani offers different themes for her workshops: introduction to watercolor, flowers and plants, landscapes, exploring watercolor, animals, calligraphy. For any additional information, go to its website:

    Origami workshop Ben Artside Brussels

  • Origami workshops by Ben Artside

  • Ben Artside is a designer and creator of lighting made using the art of mastering origami. An art and a passion that he wishes to transmit through two workshops. The first revolves around the creation of animal worlds under a bell jar which could correspond to a cabinet of curiosities for two hours. The artist offers a second 3.5 hour workshop which consists of creating a light fixture to hang wherever you want in the house. The material is provided in both. To find out the prices and/or book a workshop, go to its ticketing area: 

    Atelier Craffiti Brussels

  • The Craffiti workshops

  • Craffiti is a community, a sharing, through a creativity which, often, is no longer sufficiently nourished. If you want to reconnect with the artist in you, these unique workshops will awaken that creativity. It's about making it a moment of well-being, for yourself and only for that through a multitude of choices ranging from photography to sewing, including macramé dream catchers or t-shirt embroidery as well. as introductions to ceramics. For any other information or to understand the concept in depth, everything can be done on their official website:

    Makesenz Workshop Brussels
  • Cosmetic workshops by MakeSenz

  • We come into contact with cosmetics on a daily basis, whether it is our moisturizing cream or our shower gel. MakeSenz offers workshops to understand its manufacturing secrets as well as learn how to take care of your skin and your health naturally. The natural cosmetics brand offers several workshop themes: hair care, facial care, soaps (learn how to make them), body care and many others.

    A workshop lasts between 1h30 and 2h30, a break of gentleness and well-being.

    For any additional information, everything is indicated on their website:

    Atelier des Tropiques Ceramics Classes Brussels
  • Tropics Workshop

  • This non-profit organization is made up of 4 passionate ceramists who want to create a platform for exchange around ceramics thanks to “ a shared work space and creative projects with a social and civic aim” as they describe it. They are now accompanied by several professors specialized in their fields.

    They offer a range of training courses so that every level can find their way, starting from initiation to in-depth training, turning cycles, porcelain on the wheel and much more.

    To find out more about the different courses, go to the website:

    So when the desire comes to allow yourself a moment of calm and development of creativity, to take a break from our hectic daily lives, you should not hesitate to let yourself be tempted by the experience of one of these workshops manuals which have much to transmit and teach us. In any case, this is the philosophy of our workshops and we honestly observe their benefits on our budding artisans every day!