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To celebrate the arrival of our new men's collection, we wanted to put a men's clothing brand in the spotlight. That's why for this month's look, we decided to talk to you about Arte Antwerp . 

Why Arte Antwerp?

Quite simply because the brand's universe spoke to us a lot! Let us tell you: Bertony Da Silva, the designer, had the ambition to combine art and fashion. Arte manages to bring together all kinds of fields in one, to make a lot of people agree on the original and timeless style of Arte .

The brand is positioned in a streetwear and masculine style but we can notice that many women wear the brand too! It is “ designed as a bridge between visionary communities, Arte Antwerp travels and connects across borders”. 

For their Fall Winter 2021 collection, Arte decided to take inspiration from an emblematic artistic movement of the 20th century : Art Nouveau! The collection offers an adaptation of this trend with the graphic side of Bertony Da Silva.

We were really touched by all these artistic representations, Sample being equally inspired by his environment and by Brussels.

For this look, we chose the Tissot Back Tile t-shirt . We love the influence of stained glass, very present in Art Nouveau, as well as these colors, perfect for fall. To complete the look, our new Sierra 04 ring for men!