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September 2021 Look: Mardi Editions & Sample Slow Jewelry

What if we offered you a back-to-school look? This is probably not the case for everyone, but for us, the month of September remains synonymous with renewal! For yourself, your children, your friends, your godchildren perhaps? So, we wanted to offer you a back-to-school look, suitable for all situations. We therefore set out to find a timeless brand, which is suitable for all ages, which flatters all silhouettes and which is part of the same Slow approach as us! We then thought of Mardi Editions , a young Brussels brand of women's clothing.

What is Mardi Editions ?

This brand committed to better fashion breaks the seasonality of fashion by offering monthly editions of timeless pieces, produced in Europe in limited quantities and made to last. These clothing and accessories with incredible finishes are made in a family workshop in Portugal with natural materials or those with a low impact on the environment.

Marie, the designer, realized that today's fashion, that of mass consumption, no longer suited her. That on its scale, it could create a brand that changes and is committed to more responsibility. We could only adhere to the Slow thinking of Mardi Editions and share this brand with strong values ​​with you!

What if we took a closer look at the look?

The Alex pants in Klein Blue color will be perfect for a back-to-school look and obviously, a look wouldn't be complete without a matching bag! We are fans of the banana in the same color as the pants .

As for our jewelry, we find that the NEVA bracelet goes perfectly with this outfit. It is made up of intertwined rings with a diamond effect. If you like light and airy bracelets, this bracelet is made for you!