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Hammering and finishing Sample Slow Jewelry

SIERRA Mineral hammered ring, shiny finish

At Sample Slow Jewelry, we value customization. This is why we like to give you the opportunity to personalize your jewelry.
It is therefore made for you and to accompany you for a long time!

One of our areas of customization is the hammering and finishing of the jewelry.

Here are some clarifications about the different options we offer you.

Glossy finish

Sample Slow Jewelry Shiny Finish


Matte finish

Sample Slow Jewelry Matte Finish

THE Hammers are textures that we create using a hammer. These are not industrially or mass produced effects, so the result may vary from one piece of jewelry to another. They can also take on slightly different silhouettes depending on the surface jewelry. For example, a round wire will not give the same result as a square wire.

However, the overall appearance will be clearly distinguishable from one hammering to another, which is why we have given them names:

Hammering Tetris creates perspective with its more or less drawn squares.

The S mooth is the no-hammering option. This is the metal that is smoothed to its finest grain.

The W avy looks like a calm sea that churns when its waves intersect.

THE Mineral is the more traditional version, which reflects light the most.

Finishing concerns the final surface treatment of the jewelry. It can be matte or shiny . All our jewelry is offered with the shiny finish because that's the one you prefer. But do not hesitate to contact us if you want a matte finish, we will treat your jewelry accordingly.

Hammers Jewelry Sample Slow Jewelry