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Sample Slow Jewelry Collection Nuggets

Silver seeds, aka Nuggets , have been sown everywhere since our beginnings! They are an integral part of our work.

But why do we love them so much?

Well first of all, for the way in which we create them : it consists of taking a piece of metal, melting it on a refractory stone support, and letting this little incandescent ball take the shape it decides.

In other words, our hand does not intervene in the final form. It’s the beauty of nature that makes its own choices! And the result is never the same twice.

The shapes adopted by the metal are most of the time curved and irregular. An organic and mineral look emerges from this hazard.

We therefore take them as they are, in order to mount them on our jewelry. Sometimes isolated on an earring , sometimes united on a trio of fine rings . They are small, timeless shapes that will punctuate a jewelry combination.

The first customer to fall for them paired them with one of her rings: a simple ring set with a stone. Louise, if you read us, we always think of your superb combination!

The Nuggets technique has a nice plus : they are formed from scrap metal that we reuse. A surplus of metal is always of great value when it comes to 925 Silver and Gold. This is how we never waste metal, not even the slightest bit of dust.

Sample Slow Jewelry Nuggets Collection