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Taking care of your jewelry in summer: our advice

Taking care of your jewelry in summer: our advice

Sea, swimming pool, sunscreen, swollen fingers,... In summer, our jewelry doesn't always have an easy time. Earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets, many of us wear our favorite jewelry every day, to the point of no longer thinking about it.

However, especially during the summer season, it is necessary to take care of them if we want to protect them from oxidation or worse, breakage. Here are our best tips for taking care of your jewelry this summer.

Be careful with sunscreen

Protect yourself from the sun, it’s very important! However, when applying sunscreen, be sure to remove your jewelry first. Then, wait until the cream is well absorbed into your skin to put them back on. Besides, the same advice applies to perfume! Indeed, sunscreen or perfume, both tend to accelerate the oxidation of silver and vermeil.

  • Swollen fingers? Change your finger ring!

  • With the summer heat, having swollen fingers is far from rare. If this happens to you, before removing your rings and risking losing or damaging them, consider changing them from the middle finger to the ring finger or from the right hand to the left hand (the opposite for left-handed people). ). Did you know ? The fingers of the dominant hand are generally thicker than those of the other hand.

  • Keep a small box with you to store them

  • Sea bathing, swimming pool, sporting activity,... so many reasons which perhaps push you to take off your jewelry for a few hours. In this case, consider having a small box (something hard) to store them without risking deforming or breaking them. Wallet, small bag pocket, etc. should be avoided. The accident happened quickly. All it takes is the weight of a water bottle, for example.

    Rest assured, the little Sample Slow Jewelry box that you receive when you purchase our jewelry does the trick! :)

  • Special precautions for gold-plated coins and water

  • As a reminder, gold-plated jewelry is a very thin layer of gold (a few microns) on another metal. At Sample Slow Jewelry we plate on silver but you can also have jewelry gold plated on brass or other metals. In any case, this thin layer can gradually fade away in the event of friction or contact with water. For this type of jewelry, we therefore recommend that you remove them (and place them in a box) before practicing aquatic activities.

  • Store unworn silver jewelry properly

  • Silver is a metal that oxidizes easily with air, moisture and light when unworn. Indeed, as long as it lives with you, silver jewelry keeps very well. However, once it is set aside, be sure to store it airtight to protect it from oxidation.

    Note that oxidized silver jewelry can be easily cleaned to regain its original shine. Find all our maintenance tips here or contact us if you prefer that we take care of it, we clean all your jewelry for free!

  • Bonus: watch out for the mask and hoop earrings combo

  • You may have already experienced it since the mask has become an integral part of our daily lives, it gets caught quite quickly in open earrings like hoop earrings. So pay attention to this to firstly avoid hurting yourself by pulling on the earring but also to avoid breaking or deforming the jewelry.

    There you are, you are ready for summer !

    Taking care of your jewelry in summer: our advice