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Slow lifestyle: the 5 Belgian Instagrammers to follow

Slow lifestyle: the 5 Belgian Instagrammers to follow

Influencers have an increasingly important place in the world of fashion and lifestyle in general. Promo codes, unboxing of big fast fashion brands, current trends galore, dropshipping... They don't always have a good reputation. They are often criticized for encouraging overconsumption. Indeed, the world of influence can be very materialistic and superficial. But fortunately, we should not make generalizations.

More and more green or “conscious” influencers are making themselves known against the tide and advocating reasoned consumption. This month, we are keen to introduce you to 5 Belgian Instagrammers whose values ​​we share, whom we had the chance to meet along the way and whom we advise you to follow, if this is not already the case.

Juliet Bonhomme
  • Juliet Bonhomme
  • Queen of slow fashion and upcycling, Juliet has become the benchmark conscious fashion influencer in French-speaking Belgium. A lifelong fan of fashion and a big consumer, it was during her internship in the non-profit organization The Lemon Spoon, 3 years ago, that her transition to responsible fashion began to take place. Since then, she has shared her advice, good tips, upcycling projects and favorite eco-responsible brands on her Instagram account where she is currently followed by more than 12,400 people. Juliet is inspiring and invites us to follow her in her transition towards an ever more conscious and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

    Barbara Schoumacker Influencer Green
  • Barbara Schoumacher
  • On Instagram, Barbara is “the good friend” of more than 52,000 followers. An influencer for many years, it is more recently that the young woman began to change her consumption pattern. It regularly highlights small local brands and creators. Introduced by Juliet, she is now a big fan of second-hand fashion and presents us with many looks straight from Vinted. What do we like about her? Its spontaneity and authenticity. She does not hesitate to question herself and regularly initiates interesting and constructive debates in her stories.

  • GoodmorningLau
  • Bubbly and full of wit, Laurie's Instagram is full of good vibes. She raises awareness among her subscribers about a more eco-responsible lifestyle: fashion, beauty, renovation, decoration, travel… She presents herself as a “committed #consciously nice little girl” and we couldn’t say it better. We particularly recommend his “real stories” for a good dose of spicy and engaging humor! Also remember to take a quick look at her featured story “Nice Brands” where she lists a whole series of conscious brands by theme.

    Chloé Mikolajczak of TheGreenMonki Green Influencer
  • TheGreenMonki
  • Very committed, and even activist, Chloé does not hesitate to approach politics to have even more impact. On Instagram, its content is informative and interesting while remaining lifestyle and spontaneous, so as not to resemble traditional media. She hosts the podcast “ The Burning Case ”, a place for discussion about politics and democracy for a more ecological but also just and inclusive future. And that's not all, Chloé also founded the NGO “ The Green Seeds Project ” for education on environmental issues. Following Chloé means becoming informed and making yourself want to take action.

  • ElodieLoveTralala
  • Wedding planner, ceremony officiant, and much more, Elodie is an entrepreneur who exudes gentleness and love. Always a big smile on our face, we love following their daily life. She lives from her passion and it shows! It is probably to help them also make a living from what makes them tick that she does not hesitate to share small creators/brands/entrepreneurial concepts on her Instagram. Kindness and good vibes, this is what awaits you on the account of this “lover of life & lovers” followed by more than 18,000 people.

    Juliet, Barbara, Laurie, Chloé, Elodie,... 5 inspiring women who prove that the world of influence and social networks can also be used wisely and with kindness, for a better world.