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How to prevent oxidation?

Despite its good quality, your 925 silver or gold plated jewelry may tarnish or even turn black. This is one of the natural properties of silver and not a sign of bad quality.

But how come? You might have exposed them over time to humidity, creams or perfumes. These factors may be the cause. Above all, leaving your jewelry in the open air when you're not wearing them is one of the prime reasons why they tarnish. This is why we do not recommend to display your jewelry.
For some people, skin acidity also accelerates the oxidation process. The only solution here would be to have their jewelry rhodium-plated or to wear exclusively solid gold. 

The best prevention remains to keep them carefully in a jewelry box that closes tightly, protecting your jewelry from air and light when you're not wearing them. 

But this doesn't mean you should stop wearing your favourite pieces: our jewelry is designed to resist everyday activities & tasks!

How do I deoxidiSe my jewelry?

The good news is that oxidation is only present on the surface and you can make your jewelry shine again in a few minutes!
We recommend two natural methods: clay stone or Blanc de Meudon. The first one is a paste while the second one is a powder you need to make into a paste by mixing it with a bit of water. Simply use a damp microfiber cloth, take one of the products and then gently rub the surface that needs cleaning. Don't have any at home? These two natural products are on sale here :

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